09 February 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) on the Horizon of Human Resources: A Keynote



I recently spoke with Matthew Bailey, President of Pioneering IoT, who is one of the keynotes at our upcoming 2017 Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado on March 9-10, 2017. You can register here for the conference to hear Matthew's highly anticipated keynote.


I wanted to take the opportunity to learn more about Matthew, shed some light on what it means to be a global IoT pioneer, and give you a sneak peek into his keynote at the conference.


Here are the highlights:


1. Tell us a little about your role and team at Powering IoT?


Powering IoT works with Fortune X technology companies, governments, investors and economic development agencies to participate as a driving force in the IoT, Smart Cities, Smart Ag, and Innovation. Recently we helped with a national and global reaching IoT and Smart City deal for a Fortune 500 company. We are helping an economic development agency to develop a very exciting state-wide Smart City initiative in Colorado, and are currently working to shape an entire innovation eco-system in Smart Ag for a provincial government.


2. How do you define success?


I define success as establishing clear metrics for how Powering IoT has catalyzed measurable impact and economic creation for its clients.


3. What is the biggest challenge to achieving that success?


I find that education and enabling a new mindset are my biggest challenges, as well as organizational agility for fast paced and adaptive execution.


4. Tell me more about your nomination for 2015 The World Technology Award.


It was quite an unexpected nomination, but a welcome recognition of my dedication to the development of IoT in communications technology over my career. They looked at my achievements across global communication technologies - Internet of Things (IoT), LPWANs, Wireless Standards, SCADA, Distributed Computing, electric vehicles, etc. - and chose me as 1 out of 30 in the running for the 2015 award. I love to envision a future 20-30 years out and pull it that vision forward creating accessible IoT solutions with like-minded innovators and organizations.


Matthew didn’t mention it but he was competing with the likes of Sir Tim Berners Lee (Father of the internet) and Elon Musk (Paypal, Tesla, SpaceX program). 


5. Can you give a sneak peek of your keynote session for the HR Open Standards 2017 Annual Meeting?


Sure thing. I’ll be forecasting the future of The Internet of Things (IoT) in Human Resources. IoT has been termed the third wave of global innovation following the Industrial and Internet revolution. Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich refers to the IoT as the third wave of computing. The IoT is positioned to create a new global economy into the trillions and is an opportunity for significant business transformation.


The purpose of the IoT is to enable unification of the physical world with the digital world. This unification makes human and business activities smarter, safer, and more efficient while reducing costs and empowering citizens. IoT enables a new kind of machine intelligence to automate every aspect of society within cities, transport, healthcare, agriculture, energy, disasters, and public services.


IoT empowers businesses and citizens to innovate and create smarter and more meaningful experiences. But how might this be relevant to Human Resources? Will IoT demand new a mindset both for the employee and employer? Could IoT define the next operational shape for organizations? How might IoT change the employee/employer experience? 


My session will be a masterclass on IoT outlining how it will revolutionize society. I will create a framework for how IoT could transform Human Resources, employee and employer innovation, eco-systems and experiences.


6. What are you looking forward to most about the conference?


Helping to move forward the conversation as to how IoT can transform the HR and the employee/employer collective experience.




Learn more about the conference or register now to hear his keynote: Internet of Things (IoT) on the Horizon of Human Resources on March 10, 2017 at the HR Open Standards 2017 Annual Meeting.