21 September 2018

Recap HR Tech 2018

Another great year at HRTech has come and gone. HR Standards was proud to endorse this year’s conference and learn about new upcoming technologies, trends, and resources available to the HR technology community. 

BannerAs the official endorser we stand by HR Tech’s mission to provide educational sessions, networking forums, and start-up exchanges to over 9,000 industry practioners. Member companies also get the added benefit of endorsing the biggest HR tech trade show of the year!

We stayed busy at our booth interacting with many individuals working in core HR technologies who were interested in the need for standards as well as many member companies who were appreciative of the forum HR Open provides. We were impressed by the number of successful companies interested in our standards and are looking forward to educating more organizations in our field about the importance of HR Open.

Some key trends we saw emerge from the conference include:

  • An awareness for the need of standards ­and standardized vocabularies. HR Open provides the forum for which organizations can come together to write the standards and allows the community to access the standards for free!
  • By simplifying integrations you’re able to save resources. Member companies save time and money resources by using the standards.
  • HR Tech is a great way to network with other businesses. Our Annual Meeting allows networking with other technology experts to solve problems and talk about industry needs.
  • HR technology is global. Our standards are written by members from across the world allowing for shared, universal integrations.

If you have more questions about HR Open Standards and how we can help you Simplify your HR Integrations, please join our informational webinar on October 18th at 11:00aEST.

Thank you to HR Tech and all those attended for making this another great year!