27 June 2018

HR Open Standard Badges

Star Volunteer 2019-3

To show our appreciation for the hard work of our Board Members, Project Team Leads, and Star Volunteers, HR Open Standards has issued badges for individuals to display on their social media pages. These badges acknowledge the service and contributions to our organization and allow the recipient to stand out to their colleagues and peers. As a special form of recognition, badges are issued to current or previous Board of Directors, members who lead a standards development project or committee, and volunteers who have contributed over and above expected volunteer duties.

It’s important to share your badge as a point of pride for all the work you contribute to make HR Open Standards successful! Let your collogues know (and be jealous of) the extra work you do and distinguish yourself from others. Badges are also downloadable so you can display them on resumes and portfolios.

Interested in earning your own badge? Start by joining the HR Open Standards community and talk to your employer about a company membership!

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