28 April 2015

Behind the Keynote: A Q&A with Yamini Polisetty

I recently spoke with Yamini Polisetty, Director of Product Management at SuccessFactors, who is headlining our upcoming European Community Meeting in St. Leon-Rot, Germany on September 15th.

I wanted to take the opportunity to get to know Yamini a little better and ask a few questions about her role at SuccesFactors and nearing keynote presentation at the HR Open Community Meeting.

Here’s a snippet of our conversation:

Tell us a little about your role and team at SAP/SuccessFactors

I lead product management for Integration, Identity and User management topics at SAP SuccessFactors. My team of platform product managers defines and executes strategy and product roadmap for integration tools and content, and partner enablement for building and maintaining integrations.

What are the biggest challenges you and your team face with integration projects?

With a large and growing number of cloud applications in our customers’ HR application landscapes, delivering extensible generic content, and scaling our enablement channels to span worldwide partners is crucial. Enablement at scale and ensuring best practices based integrations are being built are our challenges with integration.

How does HR Open Standards play a role in integrations at SAP/SuccessFactors?

We have partnered in the definition of standards for Assessments, Benefits, and Payroll interfaces that have shaped our packaged integrations in these areas. We plan to continue to leverage HR Open Standards as a channel to drive standards for new use cases and to scale the number of partners we work with.

Can you give us an overview of what you'll be covering in your keynote session at the European Community Meeting?

I will be speaking about how new trends in the HR industry have broad ranging implications for integration. For example, developments in the contingent workforce, extended learning, continuous performance management, and cloud identity are bringing forth new integration points. The number of concurrent API accesses and the volume of data crossing our cloud data centers puts unprecedented demand on scalability, reliability, and security of our infrastructure. Best practices based integration development is, therefore, critical for cloud integrations. I will review these trends and implications, and include a call to action to utilize HR Open Standards for mitigating some of these challenges and for simplifying integrations for us and our customers.

What are you looking forward to about the conference?

Meeting industry colleagues to discuss new opportunities and challenges and exploring how we can address these collectively via HR Open Standards.

We’re looking forward to learning from Yamini’s full presentation on Sept. 15th along with our other presenters. Limited spaces are still available. Secure your spot now by registering here.