30 October 2018

2018 Fall Community Meeting

The B-building in Amsterdam was the setting for the annual HR Open Standards Fall Community Meeting on Thursday, October 25 . The meeting focused on knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the importance of standards in data exchange. The successful event hosted over 30 visitors that were enthusiastically discussing the application and benefits of HR Open Standards and implementation throughout the event. 

Jan-Willem van der Boom, Board Member of the HR Open Standards Consortium, began the presentation by emphasizing the importance of a standard and, in particular, the adoption of the standard. For instance, "What if the lamp industry had not developed a standard fitting, then every lamp manufacturer would have to reinvent the wheel".

Edwin Schaap, CEO of Payper, spoke about the reason why Payper became a member of the Consortium – to simplify employability and make HR simple and accessible. With this in mind, Payper developed their own platform, PayperOne. "During development we noticed the importance of an unambiguous standard for sharing data with other systems. It takes a lot of development time to make a correctly working link with another system. This had to be different, simpler. That is why Payper is part of the payroll group of HR Open Standards and we contribute to the development of a standard that will not only make our lives, but also our partners lives, a lot easier. "

How do you implement the standard? This question was answered in the presentation by Paula van Strien, Salesforce developer at Payper and Marcel de Brauwer, HR2day Director. Payper has entered into a partnership with HR2day to ensure full payment of payroll employees via the PayperOne platform. To be able to pay correctly, both systems had to be linked together to exchange data with each other. Paula states, "Integration of two applications, even developed on the same platform, can be extremely complicated. The application of the HR open standards changes a one-on-one project into a one-to-many project with a reusable connection ". View the presentation >> 

The meeting was concluded with a presentation by Ben Levine and Frank Berretty, Salesforce's Business Success Partners. How do you as an HR department, tech, and data work to bind employees and involve them in your organization? An interesting presentation in which the importance of data, cooperation at every level, and the use of the right technology results in committed and proud employees. View the presentation >> 

We thank Payper for hosting this informational meeting.  

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